“It is beyond my ability to put it in words to express how grateful I am to Natalie for being my doula. She is absolutely amazing. She is so caring, devoted and passionate about her work and what she does for mamas. She was supporting me during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I had such an incredible birth with her being by my side all the time. I didn’t have a doula when I had my first baby and I can say that it made such an enormous difference to have Natalie by my side. I know that I wouldn’t have been able to have such an amazing experience without her. All the comfort measures and words made it possible for me to stay in my focus zone. And when things got intense her presence was just crucial for me to get through the pushing stage. I had the birth I wanted and I felt in control, so I can say that I’m really proud of myself and grateful to Natalie for making it possible.

I can’t recommend her enough, she has such a warm and genuine personality and reassuring energy.”


“Nobody can prepare you for pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother. Reading books, social media and even the experiences of other mums can feel hugely overwhelming with the mine field of conflicting advice, opinions and comparing of notes. Chuck in a global pandemic and the whole thing loses its sparkle somewhat!

Lovely Natalie soothed and supported all my confusion during pregnancy and fourth trimester. She was always able to answer any questions I had without ever making me feel that they were silly or that I should have known better. Day or night Nat checked in with me and ensured that I was able to focus on all the best bits of becoming a mum, whilst keeping myself in sight.

I wasn’t able to access the level of pre and post natal support that would normally have been available due to Covid but having Nat on my team meant that I never felt like I lost out.

I can honestly say that Doulas are magic; the world is extra tough at the moment and they are there to ensure that you are looked after, heard and advocated for in every step of your journey.

Nat is a true testament to her profession; genuine, warm and the best support I could have asked for.”


Natalie has provided so much kindness, advice & support over the last 5 weeks. The care package she thoughtfully put together was such a sweet and helpful thing to receive during a difficult postpartum period. If you’re currently expecting I can’t recommend Natalie enough, she’s such a wonderful person and incredibly skilled doula who will go above and beyond to ensure you have an informed, inclusive, peaceful and love filled experience, no matter what happens.”



“Natalie was on hand to discuss any questions we had about our home birth and the choices we were making. We felt fully supported as a couple and prepared for the birthing experience ahead; Nat spent time discussing processes with us and gave us pointers for useful resources that were relevant to our choices and prevented us from feeling overwhelmed with information. Birth pools, breathing techniques and essential oils – Nat had us covered! On a personal level, I felt fully seen and supported with any questions I may have had with regard to the changes in my body. I was able to express things I was worried about and niggles in relation to the processes of birth. No question felt silly and Natalie was able to provide reassurance and guidance that was fully backed by her thorough and in depth research and knowledge.”


“I have so much gratitude for Natalie’s help and expertise. Natalie visited our home weekly for about one and half years to offer support to myself and my daughter who is on the spectrum.

Natalie’s inspiring positivity and upbeat energy was such a blessing to us. As a single parent, Natalie helped to create much needed social time in the home and also helped with chores.

She supported us emotionally and practically; an excellent listener, compassionate and empathetic. She would show interest in our specific needs, often reading up and learning about the conditions which my daughter struggles with.

Natalie is punctual, reliable, adaptable, being able to be spontaneous and go with the flow when situations change track.

She possesses a natural nurturing instinct which she applies appropriately to any given situation. Natalie’s little boy is an absolute delight and testimony to her beautiful mothering skills.

I highly recommend her services.”


“I had a very difficult postnatal experience with my first child and was anxious not to repeat it! Knowing I had a postnatal doula booked helped me to relax during pregnancy. Natalie allowed me time to cuddle, breastfeed and bond with my baby, rather than having to worry about keeping on top of household chores and entertain my toddler. I have no idea how she managed to get so much done during her relatively short (2-3 hour) visits. I could feel the stress fall away as soon as she walked through the door.

It was also an added bonus that Natalie shared the same values as we did when it came to eco living, she really did feel like the perfect doula for us.”


Nat is absolutely fantastic; her empathetic approach means that nothing is too much trouble and I genuinely feel like my birth choices really matter to her. The passion and drive that Nat has really kept my husband and I positive during our time together; her wealth of knowledge coupled with her enthusiasm meant that we felt fully supported and looked after at every stage.”


“I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be there for us. Natalie was so helpful and went above and beyond for us all. She was a genuine friend to us, especially when we found out we couldn’t have the birth we had hoped for. She had a very relaxing aura about her which we feel helped relax us. I think Natalie’s personality makes her perfect for her role as a doula. She clearly loves childbirth and is kind, compassionate and supportive. She really just felt like a friend from the outset…

The support Natalie gave was absolutely invaluable on the day. I cannot stress that enough. She had left the most kind and thoughtful postnatal gifts, arranged beautifully in our bedroom – this was really a special touch and I really appreciated the time and thought that had been put into it.

Thank you so much for everything, Natalie.”


“Natalie’s support was invaluable at the birth of my second son, being a single parent meant I was facing the real possibility I would be birthing alone. Having Natalie with me from the moment I arrived at the birth centre until my son had safely arrived and we were having tea and toast in bed, truly enhanced my birth experience. It was really great to have someone by my side to support me, Natalie helped ensure my preferences were known to those caring for me and I feel my birth was a positive experience. I’m grateful to have had her by my side.”


“We hired Natalie to support us with the birth of our son, we enjoyed our time spent getting to know her and preparing for our birth. It is clear Natalie has a very high emotional intelligence, I felt truly held by her and she always seemed to know exactly what I needed. During our birth she supported me beautifully, helping me focus on my breathing and relaxation while ensuring my husband (who was quite nervous to support me during the birth) was calm and confident while in the birth room. Her support around breastfeeding was really invaluable to me. I would encourage anyone having a baby to seriously consider hiring a doula!”

“It felt very natural and easy talking to Natalie during our initial conversations over the phone. She really listened and it felt like chatting to an old friend. During the antenatal period Natalie in was so kind, so supportive and always reached out when she felt I needed her. She even paid me an additional visit when she knew I was struggling. I felt so held, so listened to and not at all alone. It would have been a very different experience without Natalie. It feels like Natalie has become a good friend to our family. She has provided us all with huge amounts of support throughout, for which I am so grateful. She has consistently provided a listening ear, made me feel heard, sent me information to continue making informed decisions, reminded me that my dream birth was always in reach. She included my son and my husband throughout. Making them feel held as supported as much as I did. I feel Nat is now a friend for life, I recently said to her that doula surely can’t just be for births! When someone has been with you in such a pivotal moment, I feel she will always be a part of our family. Nat is a true gem, what a gift it was to have her at the birth of our daughter.”


“Natalie had great knowledge about birth and helped us navigate our birth preferences with great tools. During the birth she was focused on us and helped time contractions and although the birth didn’t go as we’d have hoped she really helped support through every challenge. We felt she was really focused on creating a calm atmosphere for us as well as supporting when my partner needed a break.And once baby had arrived she really helped protect the golden hour and most medical professionals left and we had some quality time just the 3 of us. She was great in protecting the golden hour and promoting baby’s first feed and took wonderful pictures during birth and immediately after that we will treasure. I felt she was down to earth and connected with her a lot more than other doulas I had met. Natalie was wonderful and would definitely ask her to be our doula again when we plan to have another!”